Corbyn targets youngsters for EU votes

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Mr Corbyn, who has been critical of the EU, has been urged by his MPs to make a more high-profile case for remaining in the EU

The Labour leader has urged young people to “take control” of their future and vote to remain in the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn said the next generation will be most affected by the outcome of the referendum on 23 June.

He told an audience in Liverpool: “If you don’t register to vote then you have no voice.”

Meanwhile the Leave campaign criticised the “daily avalanche of institutional propaganda” against leaving the EU as the IMF warns of “bad” consequences.

Elsewhere on the campaign trail:

  • Former Conservative PM John Major will give a speech in Oxford, accusing those campaigning for the UK to leave the EU of “fuelling prejudice” in the way they discuss the impact of immigration on the UK
  • Government ministers Priti Patel and Penny Mordaunt are out campaigning for a “Leave” vote in Portsmouth
  • Harriet Harman and Gisela Stuart have been debating whether the EU is needed to protect women’s rights

On Friday, Mr Corbyn launched a voter registration drive in Liverpool, telling an audience of young voters that their future was at stake.

Polls suggest that the under-30s are the most pro-EU but are least likely to vote, while older voters are more likely to favour Brexit.

How to register to vote

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If you are not on the electoral register and you want to vote in the EU referendum you have until midnight on Tuesday, 7 June to submit an application for a vote.

In England, Scotland or Wales, you can register to vote online anytime at If you are a British citizen living abroad, you can register to vote online in the same way. In Northern Ireland, visit the government’s Register to vote in Northern Ireland page to download a registration form. If you are an Irish citizen living abroad who was born in Northern Ireland, visit the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland website to download the correct form.

The deadlines for applying for a postal vote at the referendum are: Northern Ireland – 5pm, Friday 3 June 2016, Great Britain – 5pm, Wednesday 8 June 2016.

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The Labour leader urged young voters to make sure they registered to vote in the referendum on 23 June: “Take destiny in your own hands, register to vote and make your decision. Don’t let somebody else make it for you.”

He said it would be “young people who will make the difference” and urged them to embrace the idea of people working together across Europe to tackle climate change, inequality and to “hold global corporations to account”

Media captionEuropean Union explained


The debate

  • Total net migration to the UK is running at over 300,000 a year despite the government’s target of cutting it to under 100,000
  • Migration from the EU accounts for just under half the total
  • EU citizens have the right to live and work in any member state


  • It is impossible to control immigration as a member of the EU
  • Public services are under strain because of the number of migrants
  • High immigration has driven down wages for British workers
  • The official figures underestimate the true level of migration


  • Immigrants, especially those from the EU, pay more in taxes than they take out
  • Cameron’s EU deal means in-work benefits for new EU migrant workers will be limited for the first four years
  • Outside the EU the UK would still have to accept free movement to gain full access to the single market
  • Immigration is good for the economy

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Later, in a speech at Oxford University, former Conservative PM John Major will suggest some of his party colleagues who are campaigning for the UK to leave the EU risk “morphing into UKIP” by turning “to their default position – immigration”.

“This is their trump card. I urge them to take care, this is dangerous territory that – if handled carelessly – can open up long-term divisions in our society,” he will say.

But UKIP leader Nigel Farage told LBC Radio that the “Remain” campaign knew that “the strongest hand that the Leave camp have got is that by leaving the EU, we get back control of our borders and we would be able to put in place an Australian-style points system.”

But he said the official Vote Leave campaign, of which UKIP is not a part, “don’t think I should exist” and were “more concerned about Conservative Party politics” than winning the referendum.

Asked about Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s comments on Thursday that a vote to leave could hit the UK economy, Mr Farage dismissed “all these forecasts of doom and gloom” adding: “Mr Carney is paid out of the public purse and is doing the government’s bidding isn’t he?”

He added: “The whole apparatus of government at every level is being mobilised to tell us what we should think…. I suspect he would be fired if he didn’t take the government’s side.”

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