Using tech to prevent car theft in Cameroon

An entrepreneur in Cameroon has created a car security solution that enables people to track their vehicles and immobilise them if they are stolen using a mobile app, mobile internet and satellite communications.

Zoomed is a solution that links your car to a mobile app. With just an SMS command, a driver can completely immobilise their vehicle. The car will grind to a halt as soon as its speed goes below 20km an hour.

“Basically this gives you the ability to control every aspect of your car from your mobile phone, even without an internet connection,” Zuo Bruno, Zoomed owner Zuoix’s founder and chief executive told the BBC.

Typically, if a car fitted with GPS is stolen, the owner needs to contact the carmaker to track it down.

But Zouix says its solution tells the user where the car is immediately and lets the user immobilise their car, using satellite communication technology.

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